Our Services

Express-Service/Road transport

Small vehicles (light vehicles, mini-truck) which exclusively and immediately load the goods according to your specifications and deliver both nationally and internationally.


F&BAS. Is an appointed air cargo agent for major airlines and We transport your urgent airfreight with the main airlines and this in the fastest possible transit time.


Our employee directly accompanies your shipment with the next available flight and hands it over to the person you have indicated us, anywhere in the world


An aircraft with the required capacity, chartered exclusively and ready to depart immediately transports your shipment in record transit time, so as to meet the specified delivery deadline.


You need to keep your planes flying and we understand that because in this business, every minute on the ground can mean you lose revenue and upset customers. So, whether you need to ship important documents, sensitive parts, or hazardous materials, we are here to provide you with ultra-time-critical shipping solutions throughout the EU&U.S., 24 hours a day. You will never need to worry if your critical aircraft parts are en route to where they desperately need to be because you will have real-time tracking capabilities through and access to our around- the-clock customer service staff. On-time Performance 98+%

Dangerous & Sensitive Cargo

F&BAS can handle the inbound or outbound shipment of many dangerous goods including explosive materials, defense equipment, arms and munitions and radioactive materials.

Media & Live Events

F&BAS are specialists in providing international logistics support and airfreight to the Film, TV and Media sector - for more information call now on +40 744 515159, 24 hours a day. The F&BAS service begins with careful and thorough planning, working in close partnership with your production team. A tailored transport solution is then implemented, utilizing trucking, air charters and scheduled flights on passenger and cargo aircraft. Full 24 hour customer support is provided throughout the project.

Passenger services

We specialize in getting our passengers as close to their final destination as possible, with as little fuss and as much convenience as possible. JUST CALL US FOR A CHARTER


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